IRS 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return Form

IRS 940 Employer’s Annual Federal Unemployment (FUTA) Tax Return.pdf Use Form 940 to report your annual Federal Unemployment Tax Act (FUTA) tax. Together with state unemployment tax systems, the FUTA

Utah Findings of Fact Form

Findings of Fact.doc This form must be completed and filed with the clerk to make sure that the residency requirements are fulfilled along with other Utah divorce procedures.

Instructions to File For Divorce in Kentucky Form

How to File For Divorce in Kentucky.pdf These are the official steps to file for divorce provided by the State of Kentucky.

Loan Application For Residential Home Form

Loan Application For Residential Home.pdf If any person in the United States would like to apply for a mortgage on a residential home then this form should be filled and and returned to the person or

California Non Profit Corporation Statement of Information Form

California Statement of Information Form.pdf Use this form within 90 days after filing your Non-Profit Articles of Organization and attach a check for $20 made to the California Secretary of State an

Identity Theft Affidavit Form

Identity Theft Affidavit.pdf Send this form to the following address: Internal Revenue ServicePO Box 9039 Andover MA 01810-0939 Phone: 1(855) 807-5720

New Mexico Divorce Summons Form

Summons and Return of Service.pdf This form must be filled in by the Defendant (spouse that did not file for divorce) in order to notify the court that he or she received copies of all the divorce pap

Georgia Limited Partnership Dissolution Form

Georgia Limited Partnership Withdrawal.pdf Send this form to the Georgia secretary of state to cancel a limited partnership on file with the State. Send to the following address after completion: 237

Massachusetts Foreign Corporation Annual Report Form

Massachusetts Foreign Corporation Annual Report.pdf Every year a corporation must update their information with the Secretary of State in Massachusetts. Attach the $125 filing fee ($150 if late) and s

General Partnership Agreement Form

General Partnership Agreement.doc General Partnership Agreement.pdf This agreement can be used in any state to make a business arrangement where the partners have a specific stake in the assets and pr

Patient Financial Responsibility Form

Patient Financial Responsibility Form.pdf Patient Financial Responsibility Form.doc This form allows any health care institution to have their patient’s take personal liability for their health care c

Kentucky DMV Bill of Sale Form

Kentucky DMV Bill of Sale.pdf Kentucky DMV Bill of Sale.doc Use to legally transfer a vehicle from one party to another. Present this form at your nearest DMV location to register.

Process Service Memorandum Form

Process Service Memorandum.pdf Give this form to the sherriff’s department along with the other divorce papers filed with the clerk’s office in order to serve your spouse copies.

Oregon Medical Power of Attorney Form

Click Here to Download If you would like to transfer all health care decision making power to someone else in the chance you may not be able to speak for yourself, then this form is highly recommended