FedEx Commercial Invoice Form

FedEx Commercial Invoice.pdf This is the standard commercial form for shipping an item via FedEx.

Colorado Sworn Financial Statement Form

Sworn Financial Statement.pdf Both parties must fill in this form and exchange with each other in order to start the negotiation process for the Marital Settlement Agreement.

IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return Form

IRS 5406 IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return.pdf Use Form 4506 to request a copy of your tax return. You can also designate (on line 5) a third party to receive the tax return.

Appearance Waiver and Consent to Adoption

In the interest of a child sought to be adopted, the natural parent waives their right to appear in the adoption proceedings aimed at terminating their parental rights. The completed and signed appearance waiver and consent to adoption must be notarized by the notary public.

Louisiana Petition for Divorce Article 103 Form

Petitioners Affidavit Article 103.doc Apply for a divorce in the State of Louisiana under article 103 guidelines by filing this form to the county court clerk’s office where you reside.

Utah Sublease Agreement Form

Download a sublease agreement for the State of Utah. Use this form when the current tenant (sublessor) wants to re-rent the property to a new tenant (sublessee). The form can be downloaded via Microsoft Word and PDF format.

Application for Adoption Social Study, Certification Home Study or Re-Certification and other docs

Please read all directions thoroughly prior to filling out this application. To further guide you in completing this form, see the checklist indicated therein.

Equipment Bill of Sale Form

Equipment Bill of Sale Form.pdf Use the above form to conduct the sale of any kind of equipment. Simply fill in the blanks and once it is signed by both parties it becomes a legal agreement.

State of Alabama Mail-in Voter Registration Form

As a resident of the state of Alabama, this is the mail-in form to register. This form is also used if you are no longer residing in your previous residence, and want to update your voter registration record. There are several documents and other requirements for you to comply with prior to registering and voting. Make sure you bring all necessary documents to your polling place or by absentee ballot.

North Carolina Verification Form

Verification.pdf North Carolina verification form must be added to any divorce paper that needs to be notarized.

Safeway Job Application Form

Safeway Job Application.pdf This form can let anyone submit their information for employment at any Safeway location in the United States.

Iowa Motion for 90 Day Waiting Period Form

Motion of Waiver of 90 Day Waiting Period.doc File this form with the court clerk to waive the 90 day waiting period after the petition is filed in order to speed up the divorce process.

Sample Peer Evaluation Form

Sample Peer Evaluation Form.pdf Sample Peer Evaluation Form.doc A sample form to rate a person and how he or she may act around other people.

Louisiana Medical Power of Attorney Form

Click Here to Download Download this form if you want someone to act in your place in the event you cannot think for yourself with a clear mind.

Request for Determination or Advisory

In this  form,  an examining  office or agency (Office of the Personnel  Management or agency)  is  requested to determine whether an applicant is suitable  for Federal employment subject  to  scrutiny   based on factors  set   forth  by them.  If found unsuitable for  Federal employment, many actions such as cancellation of eligibility,  removal,  debarment,  and the like may apply. Likewise, this  form is used   to allow another bidder or  applicant who  has  a preference  eligibility to participate based upon conduct.