UPS Job Application Form

This form can be used to apply for a mailing or store position for the mailing company UPS. Be sure to apply by filing this form with the manager on staff at the location desired.

IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return Form

IRS 5406 IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return.pdf Use Form 4506 to request a copy of your tax return. You can also designate (on line 5) a third party to receive the tax return.

North Carolina Complaint For Divorce Form

Complaint for Divorce.pdf This form must be completed by the Petitioner in order to start the divorce process. After completion, file the form at the clerk’soffice and pay the required filing fee.

Maryland Divorce Answer Form

Answer.pdf This form is filled in and submitted to the county court clerk’s office after the Defendant is served with the divorce papers that were filed with the court. This form asks the Defendant if

North Carolina Civil Summons Form

This form must be completed and filled in by the Defendant to show that they received any and all divorce documents that were previously filed by the Petitioner. This form must be given back to the Petitioner of filed at the clerk’s office by the Defendant.

Passport Application DS-82 Form

Passport Application DS-82 Form.pdf Fill-Out the Passport Application DS-82 Make Sure to Attach Recent Photo (Go to the Unites States Postal Service Branch in your area) Certified Copy of the Court O

Michigan Domestic LLC Articles of Organization Form

Michigan Domestic LLC Articles of Organization.pdf The most common type of articles of organization used. Mainly for residents who are seeking to form an LLC in Michigan. Attach the $50 filing fee and

Virginia Acceptance of Service and Waiver of Process Form

Acceptance of Service.pdf This form must be filled in by the Defendant and given back to the Petitioner in so that he or she can file it with the county court clerk’s office. This form proves to the c

Delaware Eviction Notice Form

Delaware Eviction Process.pdf Follow the instructions on how to evict a tenant who has broken a rental lease agreement in Delaware.

Kansas Rental Application Form

Kansas Rental Application.pdf Kansas Rental Application.doc A tenant should use this form to apply for a lease agreement for a residential dwelling. The landlord may take a few days to review and char

New York Sublease Agreement Form

New York Sublease Agreement Form.pdf New York Sublease Agreement Form.doc Use this form if you are looking to re-rent your property to another person while you are still attached to your original leas

Wyoming DMV Bill of Sale Form

Wyoming DMV Bill of Sale.pdf Official form to use in Wyoming for a purchase and sale of an automobile, motorcycle, motor home, or trailer. Return to the department of motor vehicles to receive registr

Landlord Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

If a property was built before 1978 then this form must be given to the lessee to verify that there may be exposure to lead based paint.

Release of Lien Form

Release of Lien.pdf Release of Lien.doc This form authorizes the exoneration of a debt being held against a property. This form when signed by the creditor, releases the claim against the property.