Instructions- How to File For Divorce in Alabama Form

Click Here to Download These are the instructions on how to file for divorce on your own in the State of Alabama.

Acknowledgment of Preliminary Final Verified Disclosure Statement

Kentucky Respondents Case Disclosure Acknowledgment.doc This form is filled in by the defendant of the divorce to verify that the petitioner completed the original case disclosure form correctly.

Maryland Residential Lease Agreement Form

Maryland Residential Lease Agreement.pdf Maryland Residential Lease Agreement.doc This form allows a Maryland landlord to rent his or her property to someone else. Be sure that whoever you choose as a

IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return Form

IRS 5406 IRS 5406 Request for Copy of Tax Return.pdf Use Form 4506 to request a copy of your tax return. You can also designate (on line 5) a third party to receive the tax return.

Washington State Voter Registration Form

Washington State Voter Registration Form.pdf Download and submit the form to the state office to vote in the State of Washington.

Negara Brunei Darussalam Visa Application Form

The Negara Brunei Darussalam Visa Application Form is issued free to any applicant who wishes to enter Negara Brunei Darussalam depending on your entry purpose either as a holiday or business or interview or visit relatives or as dependant or employment or in transit

Application for Certificate of Limited Partnership

This is the applicable legal document needed by the corporation when applying for a Certificate Limited Partnership.

Idaho Durable Power of Attorney Form

Click Here to Download The durable power of attorney form for Idaho can be used for you to select anyone you would like to carry out financial related decisions on your behalf. All parties need to be

Option to Renew or Extend Lease Form

Option to Renew Lease Agreement.pdf Use this form to renew or extend a lease that is about to expire.

Hawaii Sublease Agreement Form

Hawaii Sublease Agreement.pdf Hawaii Sublease Agreement.doc This form can be used in Hawaii to allow someone to rent a property that is already being leased by a current tenant. The current tenant wou

Massachusetts Request For Trial Form

Request for Trial.doc When a couple has completed the necessary steps and is ready to finalize their divorce they can seek a court date by filing this form with the clerk’s office.

Renewal Application Only Alaska Business License

This application form is intended for the renewal only of an existing Alabama Business License.  The applicant may still renew their business license which is less than 2-year lapsed or expired.  To apply fees for any lapsed year. Any business license lapsed more than 2 years -new business license application is required.

Illinois Foreign Corporation Annual Report Form

Illinois Foreign Annual Report.pdf This form must be filed with the Illinois Secretary of State every year to renew a foreign corporation. The base filing fee is $75 plus the franchise tax. Send fees