Affidavit Template Form

Affidavit Template Form.pdf Affidavit Template Form.doc Download the template in either microsoft word (.doc) or in pdf format. This form takes the sworn testimony of a person voluntarily stating the




[                                                                                                 ]





SUPREME COURT OF                                 Docket No.


________________________,  : Plaintiff-Respondent,                                                            :

v.           :                                                                                                                    AFFIDAVIT [________________________   :

Defendant-Movant.                            :




, being of full age, on under oath, deposes and says:


1.  I am the                                                   in the above matter.


2.  I swear to my knowledge that the following is true and state under oath that







Sworn to and subscribed


before me this

day of                                      ,

20     .


[Your Signature]