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Filing a Report of Adoption on Child Born in Kansas

Following the completion of adoption on a child who  was born in Kansas, documents such as a certified copy of the Decree of Adoption and a Report of Adoption or Certificate of Adoption form need to be submitted to the Department of Health and Environment, Kansas, The clerk of court or the judge granting the adoption must sign and certify the completed form.



Appearance Waiver and Consent to Adoption

In the interest of a child sought to be adopted, the natural parent waives their right to appear in the adoption proceedings aimed at terminating their parental rights. The completed and signed appearance waiver and consent to adoption must be notarized by the notary public.

Illinois Certificate of Adoption

According to the Division of Vital Records of the Illinois Department of Public Health, this certification must be completed accurately  in its entirety.

P-410, Consent to Stepparent Adoption (From Petitioner’s Spouse)

Fill out all required items. Make sure to state under oath or affirm the veracity of all statements. Have the completed  consent form notarized by either the Clerk of Court or Notary Public, or other person authorized to administer oaths.

P-415, Adoption Consent (Parent/Spouse/Guardian)

This consent form is to be completed by an individual signing consent to adoption. The giving of consent is freely and voluntarily executed. The consent includes the adoption of any named child by the person/s filing the adoption petition. In this consent form, it is the Superior Court of Alaska which has a jurisdiction over the adoption proceedings.

Petition for Termination of Parent – Child Relationship

The person filling this petition must ensure its  completeness and accuracy.  For proper information and guidance, click this.

Illinois Surrendered Person Registration Identification

This registration is to be filled by the surrendered person for adoption to a certain agency. The age of the surrendered person  must be at least 21 to register for identification purposes. If born outside Illinois, the surrendered person must submit a certified copy of the birth certificate.

Child Registration: Indiana Special Needs Adoption Program (SNAP) Picture Book and Website

Items involving race/cultural heritage and general information of the child; legal, family, and development; personal and behavior of the child; type of family desired; and contact information need to be typed or printed legibly. Before submitting to SNAP specialist, make sure this form is completely and accurately answered.

DHR-325, Judge ‘s Order, Enforce, Change, End Contact After Adoption Agreement

The form is executed by the Judge or Judicial Officer.  In this order, the Judge finds and orders  that the Contact After Adoption Agreement is either a legally enforceable agreement or not enforced. Further, the Judge approves the request to change or end the agreement for reasons indicated in the form. Also, if the 2 options are not feasible, the Judge needs more time to study or evaluate it.

State Forms Center Order Form

This is an order form which involves  purchase  of items for General Rule  for Child Care  Facilities and the like. Be specific when describing items. No sending of cash allowed. Payment should either be a check or money for exact amount.