Application for Travel Document


I-94, Arrival or Departure Record

This form, 1-94 Arrival/Departure Record, must be completed accurately by all persons entering the United States either by land or by ship. Those who are exempted to complete the same are U.S. citizens, aliens with immigrant visas, returning resident aliens, and Canadian citizens visiting or in transit. In completing this form, take note of items 1 through 17 (Arrival Record) and items 18 through 21 (Departure Record). The purposes of accomplishing this form are to (1) give the terms of admissions; (2) document the arrival and departure; (3) assist Department of Homeland Security in determining the applicant’s admissibility or entry; and (4) help law enforcement in case an applicant becomes a public charge.

Form I-94W, Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver Arrival or Departure Record

If you are a nonimmigrant visitor not holding a visitor’s visa, you need to complete this form accurately. Make sure you are updated of the information that your country is one of the  countries  enumerated in 8 CFR 217. Contact your nearest airline to ask for a list of eligible countries.  The purposes of accomplishing this form are  to (1) give the terms of admissions;  (2) document the arrival and departure;  (3) assist Department of Homeland Security in determining the applicant’s admissibility   or entry; and   help law enforcement in case an applicant becomes a public charge.

Traveler Inquiry Form

Complete the Traveler Inquiry Form as required in order that your redress request in connection with travel can be properly addressed by the Department  of Homeland Security. The form consists of important parts such as (1) Your Travel Experience; (2) Personal Information; (3) Contact Information; (4) Additional Information; (5) Required Documentation and Information; (6) Incidental Details; and (7) Acknowledgement.

DHS Form 590, Authorization to Release Information to Another Person

This authorization is hereby given to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) or its designated DHS Compliment element. The purpose of which is to let another person know your personal information. Complete the form which consists of 2 Sections: Personal Information and Representative Information.  To facilitate the identification as well as processing of your redress  release in connection  with travel  to your  representative. If  you  do not  provide  your information, DHS or its designated DHS component element may not be able to process your request.

I-131, Application for Travel Document

This application form is to be used in securing different travel documents such as reentry permit,  refugee travel documents and advance parole documents for individuals who are currently in the U.S. needed to physically enter in the U.S.  Click this  for more information about the form.