An authorization form allows for a person to act as them-self or in the presence of another to certify approval of an action. Download the forms below in adobe pdf and microsoft word (.doc) and either fill in on your browser or print.

The authorization forms arediverse and varied and they depend on which subject it dictates or designates to. You may require this forms for different formalpurposes, however obtaining them can be such a hurdle but the good news is that this different kinds ofauthorization forms can be found in the simplest and the easiestway. We offer this forms online to ease up the time you may have to spend looking for them in the legal departments, in fact this is the most convenient way since all you need is to download this forms which you thenprintand fill the essential necessary information in the documents.

A good example of the an authorization form that we offer is the Medicare authorization form to disclose your health personal medical information which may be required by law or for any purpose which is not well set out in the private notice, contained in Medicare. This authorization form may be usefulin cases where the Medicare may want to give your personal health information to someone else rather than you; here you may be required to fill out an health authorization form in written, which can then allow the Medicare to disclose your personal health information to the intended subject.

This authorization forms are very vital and crucial in so many formal stations and they are governed by law. Thus obtaining them is as formal as their functions hence the need to obtain the valid authorization forms which can go down in a record and here we provide for you all of the authorization forms.


Authorization for the Release of Information Under the Privacy Act

This form  is to be completed and filed by the applicant authorizing the US Consular Office of the USA and the US Department of State to release applicant’s information  to the named individuals provided therein. This  written consent authorizes   a U.S Consular Office  to release any applicant’s information  in pursuance to the  Privacy Act, as amended,  passed by Congress in 1974. The purpose of  completing this form is to establish the applicant’s  citizenship, identity as well as entitlement to welfare protection services  offered by the US government.

Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification (1)

This  form is intended   to check the identity and employment authorization of  both  citizens and non-citizens  hired  for  employment  in the  United  States by U.S. employers.   Both of them  must ensure proper  completion of this form.  For proper guidance, this link is of great  help.

Authorization, Agreement and Certification of Training

This form consists of several parts such as (a) Training Information; (b) Training Course Data; (c) Costs and Billing Information; (d) Approvals;  (e) Approvals /Concurrence;  and (f)  Certification of  Training Completion and Evaluation. The information collected is for use in line with the administration of the Federal Training Program. Its relevance to the program is for the documentation of  the nomination of  trainees as well as completion of training.

I-765: Application For Employment Authorization

To be used  by an Alien  who temporarily stays in the U.S.  This is to determine whether or not  an applicant  be granted an Employment Authorization  Document. In short, the purpose  is  to find out  if an alien  is authorized   to work therein. See instructions for more information.

Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form

The cardholder authorizes regularly scheduled charges  to any or some of the credit cards following the terms agreed. The cardholder is advised to complete and sign this authorization form to get started.

Hyatt Credit Card Authorization Form

Hyatt Credit Card Authorization.pdf USe this form if you would like to pay for someone’s room that is staying at a Hyatt hotel location. This form makes the person agreeing to pay liable for any damag

Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization Form

Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization.txt Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization.pdf Use this form for someone that cannot pay in person for a credit card at any Holiday Inn location.

Hilton Credit Card Authorization Form

The credit card holder provides a letter authorizing the Hilton Hotel to charge any authorized purchases through the credit card holder’s credit card.

Fedex Credit Card Authorization Form

Use this form to pay for another’s charge at a FedEx store location. When this form is complete, it is good for a one time charge.

Credit Card Authorization Template Form

This form authorizes another person to charge a credit card that is in your name. Most commonly this form is faxed to the merchant accepting the purchase. Fill out and sign and the form is good as a one time use.