Credit Card Authorization

Download free credit card authorization forms in Adobe PDF and Microsoft Word (.doc). The templates below allow for a person to select someone else to make a specific purchase on their behalf. The forms may only be used only one transaction.


Recurring Credit Card Authorization Form

The cardholder authorizes regularly scheduled charges  to any or some of the credit cards following the terms agreed. The cardholder is advised to complete and sign this authorization form to get started.

Hyatt Credit Card Authorization Form

Hyatt Credit Card Authorization.pdf USe this form if you would like to pay for someone’s room that is staying at a Hyatt hotel location. This form makes the person agreeing to pay liable for any damag

Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization Form

Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization.txt Holiday Inn Credit Card Authorization.pdf Use this form for someone that cannot pay in person for a credit card at any Holiday Inn location.

Hilton Credit Card Authorization Form

The credit card holder provides a letter authorizing the Hilton Hotel to charge any authorized purchases through the credit card holder’s credit card.

Fedex Credit Card Authorization Form

Use this form to pay for another’s charge at a FedEx store location. When this form is complete, it is good for a one time charge.

Credit Card Authorization Template Form

This form authorizes another person to charge a credit card that is in your name. Most commonly this form is faxed to the merchant accepting the purchase. Fill out and sign and the form is good as a one time use.

Blank Credit Card Authorization Form

This form allows one person to transmit their credit card for purchase to someone else. This form may only be used once per transaction.

3rd Party Credit Card Authorization Form

Complete and fax/email this form if a merchant is going to authorize a person’s credit card without the person physically being there.