Cover Sheet

These cover sheets are a formal way of submitting forms. Usually the cover sheet is placed on top or the first page in a set of documents as an introduction to the receiver.


Cover Sheet for Filing Civil Actions

This is the cover sheet for filing civil actions  which serves as a notice to the Clerk of Court. The defendant  selects one of the civil actions which closely identifies  with the claim being sought or requested

Sample Graduate Cover Letter

This is a sample  graduate cover letter of David M. Sullivan to Atty. Carol Newman  expressing his  strong interest in a position in the Criminal Division of the United States Attorney’s Office for the Northern District of New State.

Fax Cover Sheet Form

This is an example of a cover sheet  addressed  to the Office of Medical Services,  Medical Records of  the U.S. Department of State  from a certain patient or individual. A checklist and some specific instructions relative to the subject matter  are clearly indicated. This is called a fax sheet because if it cannot be scanned,  send this through fax.