CBP Form 247_0, Cost Submission

The company preparer certifies for actual costs, inclusive of Exhibits such as Exhibit A: Materials and Components, Foreign Operating Expenses, Assist Costs, Total Value, Non-Dutiable Costs; Exhibit B: Summary of Entries, Exhibit C: Calculation of Duty; Exhibit D: Company Information. Instructions are provided therein. The applicant or importer should coordinate with U.S. Customs and Border Protection of the Department of Homeland Security for further assistance or clarification.

CBP Form 216, Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Activity Permit

This form is to be completed  by the applicant applying for the type of activity whether manipulate or manufacture or exhibit or destroy, or temporary  removal for which permit is requested. The application is deemed approved. Once the condition that the application requirements are  complied with, the application is  deemed approved. Likewise, the person is granted  to manipulate, exhibit, destroy, or temporary  removal as requested by the applicant firm.


CBP Form I-95, Crewman’s Landing Permit

This form is to be completed and  filed by the alien crew member  who requests for landing permit or permission to temporarily stay in the U.S.  Providing the required information is necessary for the approval of the said permit.


Form 1-94W, Nonimmigrant Visa Waiver/Arrival/Departure Record

To get started, read and understand all the questions and statements incorporated in the form. This form is intended for every nonimmigrant visitor with no visitor’s visa. The purpose is to give the terms and conditions of a visitor’s admissibility to the USA. It also documents the arrival as well as departure of an alien to the USA. An applicant waives one’s rights to review or question the determination or decision of a U.S. Customs and Border Protection officer pertaining to admissibility issue. Also, it involves an applicant’s waiver to contest any action or deportation, an application for asylum.

I-94, Arrival/Departure Record

This form, 1-94 Arrival/Departure Record, must be completed accurately by all persons entering the United States either by land or by ship. Those who are exempted  to complete the same are U.S. citizens, aliens with immigrant visas, returning resident aliens, and Canadian citizens visiting or in transit. In completing this form, take note of items 1 through 17 (Arrival Record) and items 18 through 21 (Departure Record). The purposes of accomplishing this form are  to (1) give the terms of admissions;  (2) document the arrival and departure;  (3) assist Department of Homeland Security in determining the applicant’s admissibility   or entry; and   help law enforcement in case an applicant becomes a public charge.

Form 214B – Application for Foreign-Trade Zone Admission or Status Designation Continuation Sheet

The applicant applying for foreign-trade zone admission and or status designation needs to fill out information completely and accurately. The form is also found at andor-status-designation.