Sample Peer Evaluation Form

Sample Peer Evaluation Form.pdf Sample Peer Evaluation Form.doc A sample form to rate a person and how he or she may act around other people.




Peer Evaluation Form



Team Name:                                                                    


The following is a list of statements to be answered and each of your group members. Think carefully about assigning rating values for each of the statements.


1-Strongly Agree                     2-Agree                     3-Neutral                 4-Disagree               5-Strongly Disagree



Teammate: Teammate: Teammate:
Was dependable in attending group meetings.
Willingly accepted assigned tasks.
Contributed positively to group discussions.
Completed work on time or made alternative arrangements.
Helped others with their work when needed.
Did work accurately and completely.
Contributed a fair share to weekly papers.
Worked well with other group members.
Overall was a valuable member of the team