Divorce is the legal process of filing a dissolution of marriage that terminates your marriage. You must file for divorce in the state you are a resident, not the state you were married. The process can take anywhere from 3 to 12 months but varies from state to state.


Acknowledgment of Preliminary Final Verified Disclosure Statement

Kentucky Respondents Case Disclosure Acknowledgment.doc This form is filled in by the defendant of the divorce to verify that the petitioner completed the original case disclosure form correctly.

Delaware Affidavit of Child’s Rights Form

Affidavit of Child’s Rights.pdf This form is for divorces with minor children to make the parents aware of the children’s rights.

Connecticut Dissolution of Marriage Report Form

Dissolution of Marriage Report.pdf Identifies the parties and history of the marriage. Complete and file this form with the clerk’s office.

Marital Settlement Agreement With Minor Children

Marital Settlement Agreement.pdf The Wisconsin marital settlement agreement allows for the couple in a marriage to evenly divide the property, assets, and debt of the marriage. This form should be neg

Oregon Acceptance of Service Form

Acceptance of Service.pdf After the Petitioner files for divorce he or she will serve copies to the Defendant as well as the Summons and this form (Acceptance of Service). This form is used to alert t

Consent to Trial 31 days after Service

Consent to Trial 31 Days After Service.pdf This form allows both spouses to request a court hearing date 31 days after the initial filing of the divorce papers by the filing spouse.

How to File For Divorce in California Instructional Form

How to File For Divorce in California Instructional Form.doc This form shows you how to file for divorce without an attorney in California.