Domestic Relations Cover Sheet

Domestic Relations Cover Sheet.pdf This is filed with your divorce petition to let the courts know what type of case you are filing.




Domestic Relations Cover Sheet (Rev. 5/16/11) CCDR 0601 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS
IN RE: __________________________________________________________ NO. _________________________________ PETITIONER AND CALENDAR _______________________ __________________________________________________________ RESPONDENT DOMESTIC RELATIONS COVER SHEET A Domestic Relations Cover Sheet shall accompany the initial pleading in all actions filed in the Domestic Relations Division. The information contained herein is for administrative purposes only and shall not be introduced into evidence. Please check the box designating the category which best describes the action to be filed. GENERAL PROCEEDINGS • Marriage•• Civil Union OffOff 0017 • Praecipe for Dissolution Off 0018 • Praecipe for Legal Separation Off 0001 • Petition for Dissolution Off 0003 • Petition for Legal Separation Off 0002 • Petition for Declaration of Invalidity Off 0006 • Petition for Legal Separation or /alternative Dissolution Off 0009 • Petition for Declaration of Invalidity or /alternative Dissolution Off 0010 • Joint Petition for Simplified Dissolution Off 0004 • Petition for Custody only Off 0011 • Petition for Custody (Hague Convention) Off 0005 • Petition for Visitation only Off 0085 • Petition to Register Foreign Judgment Off 0031 • Petition Transferred from Foreign Jurisdiction Off 0084 • Petition to Issue Subpoena Off 0040 • Article X Off SUPPORT ENFORCEMENT PROCEEDINGS 0038 • Administrative Declaration of Parentage Off 0034 • Parentage (IV-D) Off 0033 • Parentage (non IV-D) Off 0036 • UIFSA Off 0100 0101 0104 0105 This action • does • does not involve a minor child or children. The parties • • have • • have not previously filed a divorce or OffOffOffOff 0106 0107 • • have • • have not filed a parentage action between them. In the event the parties have previously filed a prior action the OffOff action was filed on ____________________________________, ________ and assigned case number _______________________________________________ and initially assigned to Judge __________________________________. ___________________________________________ • Attorney • Pro Se OffOff ___________________________________________ Attorney Code: DOROTHY BROWN, CLERK OF THE CIRCUIT COURT OF COOK COUNTY, ILLINOIS