How to File For Divorce in Mississippi Form

How to File For Divorce in Mississippi.pdf This instructional guide will show a potential filer exactly how to deliver the required divorce forms to the county court clerk’s office and how much the fi




STEP 1 – Both spouses will have to meet in order to fill out the following forms:

  • Joint Complaint for Divorce
  • Separation and Property Settlement Agreement
  • Civil Cover Sheet


STEP 2 – One of the spouses must take the forms to the County court clerk’s office where you reside and pay the filing fee.

STEP 3 – You should meet with your spouse to fill out the following forms and file them with the clerk’s office:

  • Certificate of Compliance

STEP 4 – After 60 days from filing the forms in Step 2, you can schedule a court hearing date. To do this, you must go to the clerk’s office with the Notice of Trial form. After receiving the court hearing date, you must send a copy of the Notice of Trial to notify him or her of the court date.

STEP 5 – Go to your court hearing, as long as you have completed the steps accordingly the Judge will authorize your Final Judgment of Absolute Divorce (4 copies).

According to the State of Mississippi, your divorce is now complete.