Missouri Notice of Hearing Form

Notice of Hearing.pdf The court will use this form to alert you and your apouse of your upcoming divorce court hearing in Missouri. It is highly recommended that both spouses attend.




Notice of Hearing – Page 1 of 1 IN THE CIRCUIT COURT OF _________________________, MISSOURI (County where court is located) _________________ _____________ ____________________ _________ (First) (Middle) (Last) (Jr./Sr./III) Petitioner/Plaintiff, Case No. ____________ -and- Division No. ____________ _________________ _____________ ____________________ _________ (First) (Middle) (Last) (Jr./Sr./III) Respondent/Defendant. Notice of Hearing Check one of these two boxes. I am the Petitioner/Plaintiff, (The party that filed the original petition) I am the Respondent/Defendant, (The party that answers the original petition) I am _______________________________________. I am giving you notice that the court will hear __________________________________________ (Type of Hearing) on ________________________ at _____________ a.m./p.m. (Date of Hearing) (Time of Hearing) Note: Describe the type of hearing such as “Petitioner’s Petition for Dissolution of Marriage”, “Respondent’s Request for Continuance” or “Defendant’s Motion to Dismiss”. Also make sure you include the county in which the hearing will be heard and the division of the court, if applicable. Proof of Service I certify under oath that I have given the other party a copy of this Notice of Hearing pursuant to Missouri Supreme Court Rule 43.01(d) by: (You MUST check at least ONE of the following three boxes) Mailing a copy to the other party or his or her attorney on _______________, 20_____ at the following address: ______________________________________________________________________ (Street) _________________________ __________________ ______________ (City) (State) (Zip) Handing a copy to the other party or his or her attorney on _______________, 20_____. Sending a copy to the other party or his or her attorney by fax to __________________ (telephone number) on _______________, 20_____ at ____________ (time). COUNTY OF __________ ) ) ss. STATE OF ____________ ) Affiant, of lawful age, being duly sworn on his or her oath, states that he or she is the affiant named herein and that the facts stated in this Notice of Hearing are true according to his or her best knowledge and belief. __________________________________ __________________________________ Affiant – SIGN HERE Affiant – PRINT YOUR NAME HERE Subscribed and sworn to this _____ day of __________________, 20____. ________________________ My Commission Expires: _________________________ Notary Public Form CAFC510-04/01/2009