Instructions to File For Divorce in South Carolina Form

Instructions to File For Divorce in South Carolina.pdf Follow this how to guide from the State of South Carolina in order to file for divorce without an attorney.








WARNING: You are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of an attorney before filing

any legal matter. This packet is designed to provide information and forms to people who are

representing themselves in court. If you proceed without an attorney, it may negatively affect

your legal rights. If you are unsure whether to proceed, or have questions about these forms or

your legal rights, consult an attorney. Please note that clerks of court, court staff and judges

cannot give you legal advice.

DISCLAIMER: The information in this packet is not legal advice and cannot replace the

advice of competent legal counsel licensed in your state. Divorce laws vary from state to state

and the information contained in this packet is specific to South Carolina. Please note that the

information contained in this packet is subject to change and make sure that you have the most

current version of this packet before filing.


The following instructions will help you file for a simple divorce in South Carolina pro se, or

without an attorney. Prose is a Latin term meaning “in person” or “on one’s own behalf.” As

the courts see more people representing themselves in court, you may also hear the term selfrepresented

litigant instead of prose. While the self-represented litigant may not incur the

attorney expense, the self-represented litigant does not have the expert guidance that an attorney

can provide.

Getting a divorce is not an easy process, and divorce should not be taken lightly. If you are not

sure whether you want to divorce, do not file these forms. You may want to consider an

alternative such as mediation. When you are sure you want to file for a divorce, a filing fee

($150) will be collected by the Clerk of Court at the time of filing. Additionally, Clerk of Court

offices may charge their standard copy fee for the forms in this packet if you request the forms

from their offices.

The self-represented simple divorce packet is designed for people who meet all of the following:

SCCA 400P SRL-DIV (10/2011) I of II

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