Name Change Forms

Below are the form necessary in order to change your name in the state you reside, as well as provide instructions on the name change process. In order to change your name legally the petitioner will have to: Submit application to the court, make their name change public (usually through publication of a newspaper), and attend their final court hearing where the Judge permits or denies the request.


Criminal History Check Release

To comply with Minnesota Statute S. 259.11, fill in the form, “Criminal History Check Release”. This is to check whether or not the person seeking for a name changed has a criminal history on file.

Application for Name Change And Other Relief ( (Minn. Stat. § 259.10) (Minn. Stat. § 259.10)

When in the State of Minnesota, you can use the form on the “Application for Name Change and Other Relief.

Montana Notice of Name Change Hearing Form

Montana Notice of Name Change.doc Montana Notice of Name Change.pdf This form lets the public know through publication in a newspaper of your name change hearing. This gives the general public the opt

Mississippi Name Change Petition Form

Mississippi Name Change Petition Form.pdf Use this form to start the name change process in Mississippi by filing this form with the county court clerk’s office and paying the filing fee. You will be

Social Security Name Change Form

Social Security Card Name Change Form.pdf Use the Social Security SS-5 application to change your name. First you must go through the court process in the county you reside or if you were just married

Wyoming Motion Requesting Name Change Order Signing Form

Wyoming Motion Requesting Order Signing.pdf An applicant for a legal name change will file this form with the clerk’s office to request their official order signing. If no one objects to the new name

How to Change Your Name in Wyoming Form

How to Change Your Name in Wyoming.pdf Change your name in the State of Wyoming by following this how to instructional guide.

Wyoming Name Change Order Form

Wyoming Name Change Order.pdf In Wyoming, the name change order completes the legal name change process. Use this form when applying for a name change at your bank, social security office, or any publ

Wyoming Name Change Petition Form

Wyoming Name Change Petition.pdf Use this form when applying for a legal name change in the county where you reside in Wyoming.