Washoe County Name Change Petition Form

Washoe County Name Change Petition.pdf Use this packet of forms including the name change petition to change your name in Nevada.




Nevada AOC – Planning and Analysis Division Form PA 201

2JDC – Revised 03/12/2010 Rev. 2.4E


Washoe County, Nevada

Case No. ____________________________________

(Assigned by Clerk’s Office)

I. Party Information

Plaintiff(s)/Petitioner (name/address/phone):


A tt o rn ey (name/address/phone):

II. Nature of Controversy (Please check applicable bold category and Arbitration Requested

applicable subcategory, if appropriate)

Civil Cases

Real Property Torts

Landlord/Tenant – LT

Unlawful Detainer – UD

Title to Property

Foreclosure – FC

Liens – LE

Quiet Title – QT

Specific Performance – SP

Condemnation/Eminent Domain-CD

Other Real Property – RO

Partition – PT

Planning/Zoning – PZ


Negligence – Auto – VP

Negligence – Medical/Dental – MD

Negligence – Premises Liability -SF


Negligence – Other – NO

Product Liability

Product Liability/Motor Vehicle-VH

Other Torts/Product Liability – PL

Intentional Misconduct


Interfere with Contract Rights – IR

Employment Torts(Wrongful Term)-WT

Other Torts – TO

Anti-trust – AI

Fraud/Misrepresentation – FM

Insurance- IN

Legal Tort- LG

Unfair Competition – UC

Probate Other Civil Filing Types

Summary Administration – SU

General Administration – FA

Special Administration – SL

Set Aside Estates – SE


Individual Trustee – TR

Corporate Trustee – TM

Other Probate – OP

Construction Defect – CF

Chapter 40


Breach of Contract

Building & Construction – BC

Insurance Carrier – BF

Commercial Instrument – CI

Other Contracts/Acct/Judg. – CO

Collection of Actions – CT

Employment Contract – EC

Guarantee – GU

Sale Contract – SC

Uniform Commercial Code – UN

Civil Petition for Judicial Review

Foreclosure Mediation – FO

Other Administrative Law – AO

Department of Motor Vehicles-DM

Worker’s Compensation Appeal-SI

Appeal from Lower Court

Transfer from Justice Court – TJ

Justice Court Civil Appeal – CA

Civil Writ

Other Special Proceeding – SS

Other Civil Filing

Compromise of Minor’s Claim – CM

Conversion of Property – CN

Damage to Property – DG

Employment Security – ES

Enforcement of Judgment – EJ

Foreign Judgment – Civil – FJ

Other Personal Property – PO

. Recovery of Property – RE

Stockholder Suit – ST

Other Civil Matters – GC

Confession of Judgment – CJ

Name Change – Adult – NC

Out of State Commission – OS

Petition to Seal Criminal Records-PS

III. Business Court Requested (If you check a box below, you must check an additional box above to determine case type.)

NRS Chapters 78-88 Investments (NRS 104 Art. 8) Enhanced Case Mgmt/Business

Commodities (NRS 90) Deceptive Trade Practices (NRS 598) Other Business Court Matters

Securities (NRS 90) Trademarks (NRS 600A)

Date Signature of initiating party or representative