Real Estate Forms

The real estate disclosure forms are to inform a potential lessee or purchaser of legal information regarding the residential or commercial unit. The disclosure is commonly about the structural or environmental aspect of the property.


Landlord Lead Based Paint Disclosure Form

If a property was built before 1978 then this form must be given to the lessee to verify that there may be exposure to lead based paint.

Seller Disclosure Lead Based Paint Form

This form provided by the EPA allows a landlord who is selling his or her property to alert the new buyer that there may be lead based paint inside the home. If the house was constructed prior to 1978 most likely this form will have to be signed by all parties.

Radon Gas Disclosure Form

Radon Gas Disclosure.pdf Radon Gas Disclosure.doc This form lets a potential buyer of a property that he or she should be aware of the dangers of Radon.

New York Real Estate Disclosure Form

New York Real Estate Disclosure.doc New York Real Estate Disclosure.pdf This form must be given to a potential buyer of a property in a real estate sale in the State of New York.

Illinois Real Estate Disclosure Form

Illinois Real Estate Disclosure.pdf This disclosure form must be authorized by any new purchaser of a residential property in Illinois.

Florida Real Estate Disclosure Form

Florida Real Estate Disclosure.doc Florida Real Estate Disclosure.pdf This form must be filled in by the seller of a property n Florida and be given to a potential buyer before the drawing of a purcha

Connecticut Real Estate Disclosure Form

Connecticut Real Estate Disclosure.pdf Connecticut Real Estate Disclosure.doc This form alerts the potential buyer of the repairs or defects in the structure of a property. Information may also includ

California Mortgage Loan Disclosure Form

This disclosure must be presented to every applicant for a home loan in California.