Eviction Notice

The legal process of legally forcing a tenant to vacate the property he or she was at one time renting from the owner. Every State has their own process and forms that the manager or landlord must follow in order to complete the procedure.


Eviction Notice

For your refusal and neglect to pay rent due and in arrears, you, as a tenant, are hereby given an eviction notice and notice to vacate. This is in pursuance to the provisions of RSA 540:2.

Texas Eviction Notice Defendant Original Answer Form

An answer is a statement made to the court in which you deny the claims made against you and raise any legal defenses you may have. You have a legal right to deny the claims in the answer in the form of a “general denial” even if the landlord’s claims are true. You do not even have to state what is true or not true.

Texas Eviction Notice Holdoff Agreement Form

If you receive a notice to vacate the rental unit, you can attempt to negotiate with your landlord. This form, an Eviction Hold Off Agreement, may be used if you can get the landlord to agree not to file an eviction  suit or dismiss the eviction suit in return for your fixing the lease violation (for example, paying late rent).

Texas Eviction Process Form

The processes are as follows: Step #1: You receive notice to vacate; Step #2: Talk to your landlord; Step #3: You receive eviction papers from court; Step #4: Answer the eviction case; and Step #5: The eviction hearing

Texas Eviction Notice Defendant Jury Demand Form

This form is ready to be used in justice court (Justice of the Peace, or “JP” court), but it can also be used in county court if you appealed the case (with some extra modifications). You will need to download it, print it and fill it out (instructions on filing it out are below).

Texas Eviction 3 Days Notice to Vacate Form

Texas 3 Day Notice to Vacate.pdf Texas 3 Day Notice to Vacate.doc If a tenant has broken their lease agreement the landlord or representative may give the tenant three (3) days or any other time-frame

How to Evict a Tenant in New York Form

How to Evict a Tenant in New York.pdf How to Evict a Tenant in New York.doc Use this as a guide for getting a non-paying tenant to vacate the premises. Be sure to not start the process until you have

New York 3 Day Eviction Notice Form

New York 3 Day Notice .pdf Use as a landlord to be given to a non-paying tenant in a property. After the 3 day period the landlord may file with the court an officel eviction.

New York Tenant Eviction Handbook Form

New York Landlord Tenant Eviction Handbook.pdf Use this as a guide on how to evict a tenant from a property owned in New York.

Instructions How to Evict a Tenant in California Form

California Eviction Notice Process.pdf California Eviction Notice Process.doc This legal process is provided by the State on how to legally get a tenant from occupying a property you manage or own.