Tenant Estoppel Certificate Form

Tenant Estoppel Certificate.pdf This form is proof that a tenant and landlord in fact have a lease agreement with one another and that the rental payments have been paid on time.




TT DATE: _____________, 20______, at ____________________________________________________, California. Items left blank or unchecked are not applicable. FACTS: 1. This certificate pertains to terms and conditions under the following agreement: Lease agreement Month-to-month rental agreement __________________________________ 1.1 dated _____________, 20______, at _______________________________________________, California, 1.2 entered into by ________________________________________________________, as the Landlord, and 1.3 __________________________________________________________________________, as the Tenant, 1.4 regarding real estate referred to as __________________________________________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________. STATEMENT: Tenant certifies as follows: 2. The rental or lease agreement is: Unmodified and in effect. Modified and in effect under a modification agreement dated _____________, 20______. 3. Tenant is in possession of the premises, and has not assigned or sublet any portion of the premises, except ____________________________________________________________________________________. 4. If the agreement is a lease, the current term is for ______ years, ending _____________, 20______. 4.1 Lease term under all renewal/extension options will run until _____________, 20______. 4.2 Tenant holds no privilege to terminate the lease prior to its expiration. 5. The amount of monthly rent is $_______________. 5.1 No incentives, bonuses, free rent, discounts or refunds on the rental amount were given Tenant, except ________________________________________________________________________________. 5.2 Rent is paid through the period ending _____________, 20______. 5.3 Tenant has not prepaid future rent, except the amount of $_______________ for the rental period of ______________________________________________________________________________________. 5.4 No Tenant liens, claims, offsets or charges exist against Landlord, except ___________________________ ______________________________________________________________________________________. 6. A security deposit of $______________ is held by Landlord to cover any expenses or losses caused by Tenant’s breach of the agreement. 7. Personal property in Tenant’s possession and owned by the landlord includes _______________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________. 8. Any improvements required to have been made by Landlord or Tenant have been satisfactorily completed. 9. No breach of the agreement by Landlord or Tenant presently exists, except _________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________. 10. Tenant holds no contract, option or right of first refusal or other right to buy any interest in the real estate. 10.1 Tenant holds no right to lease additional or substitute space in the real estate. 11. Tenant has caused no lien or encumbrance to attach to the leasehold interest in the property. 12. Tenant understands this certificate will be relied on by a Buyer of the property or a Lender secured by the real estate. 13. __________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ I cer tify the above is true and cor rect. Date: _____________, 20______ Tenant’s Name: _______________________________________________ Signature: ____________________________________________________ Phone: _________________________ Fax: _______________________ FORM 598 03-11 ©2011 first tuesday, P.O. BOX 20069, RIVERSIDE, CA 92516 (800) 794-0494 TENANT ESTOPPEL CERTIFICATE Prepared by: Agent ____________________________ Broker ____________________________ Phone _______________________ Email _______________________