Tennessee Rental Application Form

Tennessee Rental Application.pdf This form allows anyone to write down their credit and background information in the hopes of occupying a residence. If approved, the landlord will typically serve the




Rental Application for Residents and  Occupants


Each co-applicant and each occupant 18 years old and over must  submit  separate application.

Spouses may submit  a single application.


Date when filled out:




ABOUT YOU Full name (exactly as on driver’s license or govt. ID card)




Your  street address (as shown on your driver’s license or government ID card):




Driver’s license # and state:

OR govt. photo ID card#:  _ Former last  names (maiden and married):


Your  Social Security#:  _

YOUR RENTAL/CRIMINAL HISTORY      Check only if applicable.  Have   you, your spouse,  or any occupant listed in this Application  ever: 0 been evicted or  asked to move out? 0 moved out of a dwelling before the end of the lease term without the

owner’s consent?  0 declared bankruptcy? 0 been  sued  for  rent?  0 been  sued   for

property damage? 0 been charged, detained, or arrested for a felony,  misdemeanor involving  a  controlled   substance,  violence  to  another   person   or  destruction   of property,  or  a  sex  crime  that   was   resolved  by  conviction,   probation,   deferred adjudication, court  ordered community supervision, or pretrial diversion?  0 been charged, detained, or arrested  for a felony,  misdemeanor involving a  controlled substance, violence to another  person  or destruction of property, or a sex crime  that has not been resolved by any  method?  Please indicate  below  the year, location   and

Birthdate: Height:

_ Weight:

type  of  each  felony,  misdemeanor involving  a  controlled   substance, violence   to

another  person  or destruction of property, or sex crime other than  those resolved   by




Eye color:  _

Hair color:


dismissal  or acquittal. We may need  to discuss  more facts before making  a decision

Marital Status:  0 single 0 married  0 divorced  0 widowed  0 separated Are you a U.S. citizen? 0 Yes 0 No  Do you or any occupant srnoke?O yes 0 no Will you  or any  occupant have an animal? 0 yes   0 no

Kind, weight, breed, age:



Current horne address (where you  now live):

You represent the answer is  “no” to any item not checked above.  







YOUR SPOUSE Full name:




City /State/ Zip:  ——————————————

Former last  names (maiden and married): _

Spouse’s Social Security #: _ Driver’s license # and state:

Horne/ cell phone: ( )


Email address:

Current rent:$


OR govt. photo ID card #:


Name of apartment where you  now live:

Birthdate:  Height:





Current owner or manager’s name:


Sex: Eye color:



Hair color:



Their phone:


_ Date  moved in:

Are you  a U.S. citizen?  0 Yes  0 No


Why  are  you  leaving your current residence?


Present employer: _




City I State/ Zip:  ——————————————–

Your  previous horne address’-: _




City /State/ Zip:  —————————————–­


Work phone:(  ) Position:

Date  began job:






Gross annual income is over:  $

Apartment name:





Supervisor’s name and phone:

Name of above owner or manager:




OTHER OCCUPANTS Names of all  persons under 18 and other adults  who will

Their phone:

Previous monthly rent: $  _

occupy the unit without signing the lease. Continue on separate page if more than three.


Date you  moved in:


Date you  moved out:






YOUR WORK Present employer:  _ Address:

Sex: DL or govt. ID card # and state:   Birthdate: Social Security #:



City /State/ Zip:  —————————————–­




Work phone: (  )    Position:

Your  gross annual income is over:  $


Date you  began this  job:   _ Supervisor’s name and phone:


Previous employer: Address:

Sex: DL or govt. ID card # and state:  _


Birthdate: Social Security #:


Name: Relationship:







YOUR VEHICLES   List all vehicles owned or operated by you, your spouse,or any occupants

(including cars, trucks, motorcycles, trailers,etc.). Continue on separate  page if more than  three.


Make and color  of vehicle:


City /State/ Zip:  —————————————–­

Year: License#:






Work phone: (  )

Make and color  of vehicle:





Gross annual income was  over:  $

Year: License#:


Make and color  of vehicle:









Dates you began and ended this job:





Previous supervisor’s name and phone:


YOUR  CREDIT HISTORY Your  bank’s name, city, state:




List  major credit cards:


Other non-work income you  want considered. Please explain:




Past  credit problems you  want to explain. (Use separate page.)














EMERGENCY      Emergency contact person over 18,who will not be living with you:


Name: Address:

City I State/ Zip:  ——————————————– Work phone: (            )                                Home phone:(           )                            _ Relationship:


AUTHORIZATION      I or we authorize  (owner’s name)                                           


WHY YOU  APPLIED HERE     Were you  referred? 0 Yes 0 No.

If yes, by whom:


Name of locator or rental agency:                                                                 _ Name of individual locator or agent:                                                               _ Narne of friend or other person:

Did  you  find  us  on your own? 0 Yes 0 No  If yes, fill in information below:


0 On the Internet   0 Stopped by  0 Newspaper (name):


0 Rental publication:


0 Other:




© 2009, National Apartment Association, Inc.- 8/2009




to obtain  reports from  any  consumer or criminal  record  reporting agencies   before, during, and  after  tenancy  on matters  relating to a lease  by the above  owner  to  me and  to verify, by all available  means,  the information in this  application, including criminal  background information, income history  and  other information reported  by employer(s)   to  any  state  employment security   agency.  Work  history   information may be used only for this Rental Application.  Authority to obtain work  history information expires 365 days from the date of this Application.


Applicant’s signature


Spouse’s signature


Applicant must  also sign on the next page of this Application.