The forms below allow any customer to place an order with a company for a product or service. Download the forms in either Adobe PDF or Microsoft Word (.doc) formats.


72190, Florida Medical Reporting Form

As authorized by Section 322.126(2), (3) Florida Statutes, this form can be completed by any physician, person, or agency. In this Medical Reporting Form, the reporting person must have full knowledge of any licensed driver’s disability for both physical and mental medical conditions. The report must be submitted to the State of Florida Department of Highway and Motor Vehicles.

AO 436, Audio Recording Order

Read instructions first before completing the order form. If you want to order duplicate audio recordings of proceedings, this is the appropriate form. The court will process the order upon receipt of the required deposit fee. The deposit may be delivered or mailed to the Office of the Clerk of Court. Once the order is completed, there will be a notification from the court.

dd1155, Order for Supplies and Services

In this order, the contracting or ordering officer indicates the specific supplies or services to be ordered (purchase order). The contractor accepts the offer represented by the purchase order. The order is subject to the agreed terms and conditions. The instructions are found here.

f1099msc, Miscellaneous Income

According to the form instructions, the form is designed for informational purposes only. See this link for more information. 2017 Instructions for Form 1099-MISC Miscellaneous Income are found here.

Minnesota Health Care Programs Asset Assessment for Medical Assistance for Long Term Care Services (MA-LTC)

This Asset Assessment form is designed for married people. These individuals have received or expect to receive some services such as stays in an long term services facility or one of the Home and Community-Based Services waiver programs or services through the Alternative Care (AC) program which they constitute as uninterrupted 30-day long term services. These services are under the supervision of the Minnesota Health Care Programs. At the need of the form, read the ‘Important Information’ page for proper guidance and information.

SF 180, Request Pertaining to Military Records

If you need information from military records, use this Standard Form 180, otherwise known as “Request Pertaining to Military Records.” The purpose of this information which is a record of disclosure is to assist the facility servicing the records. To have the full knowledge about this form, read carefully the instructions and information sheet integrated therein.

Merchant Order Form

Merchant Order Form.pdf Merchant Order Form.doc This is a standard merchant order form that allows a customer to re-order or order from the first time from a particular corporation or company.

Purchase Order Form

Purchase Order Form.doc Purchase Order Form.pdf This form allows a person to conduct a standard purchase from a company in return for goods or services rendered.

Scentsy Order Form

Scentsy Order Form.pdf This is a standard form for all Scentsy orders.