Alabama 40ES Tax Form

Alabama 40ES.pdf This form must be completed and sent to the State of Alabama through the fiscal year as a resident pays their income taxes every quarter.




. DETACH ALONG THIS LINE AND MAIL VOUCHER WITH YOUR FULL PAYMENT The voucher below needs to be filled out to remit your estimated income tax payment. For each quarterly payment made, a separate voucher will need to be prepared. If you are making 4 payments, then you will fill out this voucher four times with the information for each payment. Please see the instructions on page 4 for more information. .
Alabama Department of Revenue . 40ES 2013 Estimated Income Tax Payment Voucher PRIMARY TAXPAYER’S SPOUSE’S LAST FIRST NAME FIRST NAME NAME • MAILING ADDRESS DAYTIME -This form has been enhanced to print a two dimensional (2D) barcode. The PRINT FORM button MUST be used to generate the (2D) barcode which contains data entered on the form. The use of a 2D barcode vastly improves processing of your return and reduces the costs associated with processing your return. – Just key in your data prior to printing the form. PLEASE DO NOT HANDWRITE ANY DATA ON THE FORM. CITY STATE ZIP TELEPHONE NUMBER D CHECK IF FISCAL YEAR Off Beginning Date: Ending Date: • Primary Taxpayer SSN: • Spouse SSN: • Amount Paid With Voucher: $ • MAIL TO: Alabama Department of Revenue, Individual Estimates, P.O. Box 327485, Montgomery, AL 36132.7485 ADOR Instructions 1. Be sure you are using a form for the proper year. Do not use this form to file for any calendar year other than the year printed in bold type on the face of the form. Individuals who file on fiscal year basis (other than calendar year ending Dec. 31) should show beginning and ending dates of fiscal year in spaces provided on Form 40ES and each payment voucher. 2. Enter your social security number in space pro.vided. If joint voucher, enter spouse’s number on the line after yours. 3. Enter your first name, middle initial, and last name. If joint estimated tax, show first name and middle initial of both spouses. (Example: John T. and Mary A. Doe). 4. The amount to be shown on Amount Paid With Voucher line is determined by (a) the date you meet the requirements for filing a estimated tax, (b) the amount of credit, if any, for overpayment from last year or income taxes withheld. Any overpayment credit may be applied to your earli.est installment or divided equally among all the installments for the year. See the following schedule: Requirements Met Required Amt. Due With After & Before Filing Date Voucher 1.1.2013 4.2.2013 4.15.2013 1/4 of line 1 4.1.2013 6.2.2013 6.15.2013 1/3 of line 1 6.1.2013 9.2.2013 9.15.2013 1/2 of line 1 9.1.2013 1.1.2014 1.15.2014 All of line 1 MAIL TO: Alabama Department of Revenue Individual Estimates P.O. Box 327485 Montgomery, AL 36132.7485